Love life civilized travel

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The most precious thing is life, life for everyone only once, love life, civilized travel, traffic safety is the continuation of life, is the happiness of the family, don't let the noise of the traffic accidents take a beautiful and innocent life.

That terrible accident has how many people have died?How many people were injured?How many people to pain?Who lost his dearest parents and those who lost their dear children, some people lost their most intimate partner...Is this still can't make us alert?

May be an oversight when crossing the street, may be a drunk driving, can also be a feat of red light, will lose the lives of others or yourself.'ll see the site of some of the horrible scene, can let yourself or someone else's parents, wife and children cried.

Life is precious.Life for only one time, each of us.So should cherish life, like the film \"Titanic\" the hero said: \"every day\".To be sure, cherish life not forbear survived, is not death, not suspicious, not at all, but the heart is magnanimous, aboveboard, maintain a healthy mental state, not a fool, not passing, science pleasant to learn to live.Naturally, if there is a \"trade-off\" life and justice, we should also do as what mencius said \"image\".Some words seem to be going too, but also not had nothing to do with the topic.This is the first requires us to obey the traffic rules, their safety

Life is precious to safer, longer, more brilliant!We must remember \"ning and other three points, just for a second!\"This sentence.The lessons of the blood can only on one occasion, tragedy can't repeat itself, nor the second life.Let every one of us cherish life, safe trip!